Susan Dall Photography

Susan Dall Photography


I am a professional photographer who loves taking photos of dogs, horses and occasionally people (if they are nice to me). I get the most Cialis brand name enjoyment out of life by being with animals, especially dogs and horses; capturing their true moments in a natural environment, having silly fun, getting dirty and wearing out the knees in my jeans.

I am a passionate and vocal supporter of animal welfare. I donate a portion of all my photography proceeds to animal non-profit organizations such as Humane Societies, Fixed Fur Life and various regional and breed-specific rescue organizations.

I am a past member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada and a current member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario. I have participated in many pet related seminars with well known industry experts such as Turid Rugaas, Anne-Lill Kvam, Pat Miller, Chris Zink and Chris Bach.

In my previous life I worked in the corporate world with tall sky high buildings, masses of people who all wore the same color and never spoke to one another…so glad I’m not there anymore.

Contact info:
Tel: 613-961-7857

Web site:
Blog: Daily Dose of Dogs

Featured in: MacroMutt

Located in: Belleville, Ontario (right smack dab between Montreal and Toronto!)

Region/s: Eastern Ontario and anywhere in the world if you have a dog or a horse!

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